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10 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Sure, anyone can start a new fitness routine. The tricky part is sticking with it and implementing it into our lifestyles. I'm guilty of getting really hyped for a new type of workout or new routine only for it to fall to the wayside in a couple weeks or months. 

It takes commitment and hard work, but once you make fitness a part of your lifestyle, it will turn into something you can't live without. Here are the top ten ways to implement fitness into your lifestyle to stick to any fitness goal you have:

1. Be Consistent 

Habits don't form overnight. They take time, effort, and a relentless commitment. There will be days where you would rather not hit the gym, but try sticking with your goal for 30 days. You'll be surprised how after that short amount of time, your body and mind adapt to your new routine. 

2. Find Excitement 

You won't stick to something that you dread doing. When I first started my fitness journey I choose running on a treadmill at the gym. Not only was that not the right choice of workout for my fitness goal, I started hating the gym because I associated it with something that was incredibly boring to me.

It wasn't until I found a type of workout that excited me (Martial Arts, weightlifting, and HIIT) that I started craving going to the gym. Try out different types of fitness to not only fit your goals, but to keep you excited enough to keep you coming back.

3. Find What Motivates You

I personally rely on bomb workout playlist I listen to on my way to the gym or when I need energy to get off the couch and go to the gym. Listening to music, looking at workout Instagram accounts, or even chatting with a friend are all great ways to keep yourself on track and motivated. 

4. Grab a Friend 

What better way to implement fitness into your lifestyle than to do it with a friend? Not only will it hold both of you accountable, it will also turn into something both of you can look forward to on a daily basis.

5. Eat Clean 

No one wants to think about doing cardio after eating greasy foods. I know the first thing on my mind after a no-so-healthy meal is where and when I can take a nap. When you eat clean, you’ll be more energetic and going to the gym or working out won’t feel like as much a chore to you. 

6. Drink Water

Your body can’t perform if you don’t put fuel into it. Water is essential to bodily functions and when you’re properly hydrated, you’ll feel like a beast during your workout. Paired with a balanced diet, you’ll be unstoppable. Plus you’ll get the added benefit of clearer skin. 

7. Get Sleep 

Sleep has so many important benefits that I could write an entire book about it. However, aim for about 7-9 hours of sleep a night and you’ll be ready to crush any workout that comes your way. You will also avoid potential injuries when your body has enough time to recover and rest. 

8. Set Realistic Goals 

I have seen so many people set over-zealous goals. Fitness isn’t quite something you can go from never doing to doing every single day. Burnout and over training is common. If you set high goals that are too high, it’s much more likely that you’ll burnout and your workouts will become much further and farther between. Instead, start with a few days a week and then ramp it up when you start finding your rhythm.

9. Watch for Signs of Over Training 

Not only can over training lead to injuries, it can also lead to burnout. That burnout can lead to your fitness goals taking a back seat in your life. Avoid over training by listening to your body. Take a 1-3 days off a week depending on your fitness level, but be sure that those few days don’t turn into a few weeks! 

10. Track Your Progress

Nothing keeps me more motivated than seeing my progress. Many people think that progress is only in the form of how your body changes. Those are great goals and if weight loss is a goal of yours, then by all means - track it! But it can also be in how fast you run, how much weight you’re able to lift, your energy levels throughout your day, or your performance in a particular sport. Find something to track that motivates you and that makes you crave getting that workout in.










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