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How to Use a Yoga Towel

A yoga mat towel is a useful piece of gear for new and veteran yogis alike. Many yoga mat towels are the same size as traditional yoga mats and can be used to cover the yoga mat to absorb extra moisture during a session and provide additional grip. 

Yoga mat towels typically have moisture absorbing materials which can also give you the option to use it as a workout towel through particularly sweaty or challenging workouts. 

While some people try to use regular beach towels in place of a yoga mat, this typically isn't recommended. Not only do typical towels retain the moisture, it actually tends to make it much more slippery and therefore more difficult to maintain yoga poses throughout your workout. 

Because of this we recommend using a true yoga mat towel, such as our EcoStrength Yoga Mat Towel, to ensure a proper fit over your yoga mat as well as the extra grip that the added anti-slip padding has. 

To use your yoga mat towel, simply lay it over your yoga mat and machine wash it after your workout in order to fight against germs and odor. 

Yoga mat towels can be a yogi's secret weapon when it comes to hitting difficult poses throughout even the hottest or sweatiest workout. It's also a great tool to protect yourself from the germs that community yoga and exercise mats tend to have at your yoga studio or gym. 


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