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The Shift to Reusable Straws

Over 500 million straws are used in the United States every day. These small plastic tubes are usually tossed without much thought into a trashcan where it then adds to the already devastating plastic pollution throughout the world. 

Stainless steel reusable straws

While some individuals do require straws in order to enjoy their beverages, most establishments hand out straws with every order as a standard procedure. While there has been a noticeable shift in many large cities over when and why type of straw is given to customers, many places still rely on plastic straws. 

However, many organizations, such as the Plastic Pollution Coalition have done a wonderful job educating, getting individuals involved, and bringing awareness to the public about plastic pollution and the effects that it has on the environment. 

So What You Can Do?

  • Say 'No thanks' to plastic straws at coffee shops and restaurants
  • Invest in reusable straws like the ones by Urban Holistic here 
  • Reach out to your local restaurants/coffee shops and ask them to change their policies about only handing out straws upon request or changing to more eco-friendly straw alternatives. 


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