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How to Start Journaling

  We know. Someone once in your life has either suggested that you keep a journal, or they had a journal. At this point in timeHow to Journal , it isn’t a secret that journaling can have a large range of mental health benefits such as increasing overall thought processing, increasing your emotional intelligence, and improving overall mood and goal setting abilities in your day to day life.                                                                                                                                 Not only this, but according to recent research, keeping a regular journal helps to improve your sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, and even some help joint mobility in people with arthritis.                                                                             But why is writing some of your thoughts and feeling so beneficial? The short answer is that it is a combination of fact-based reporting and exploration of your inner feelings. This combination plays a great deal on how you process events in your life, your thought processes, and problem solving and coping abilities.

Sometimes it's hard to get into the habit of journaling. Here are some tips to help you on get journaling like a pro (and hopefully stick with it):

Use a Physical Journal

  • While it may feel painstakingly slow and uncomfortable at first, you'll quilckly get used to the feeling of handwriting your journal entries. Plus, it will help from editing ourselves and keep your thoughts fluid. How many times do you press the delete button on your keyboard if you misspell something? It's time to embrace your mistakes!

How to Journal

Set a time limit for yourself

  • Do yourself a favor and don't set an unreasonable time limit. Everyone has responsibility, life, and other obligations that get in the way of setting aside a ridiculous amount of time.If you start with a page amount (like 5 pages a day) there is a very good chance that you won't stick with it because life will get in the way. 
Don't try to be a professional writer. 
  • This isn't the time to try and write profound insights into life or human behavior. Journaling is for you and you only. Write fluidly, naturally, and most importantly: Stay true to yourself.
    Be Comfortable When you Write
    • Find a place that you feel comfortable in and makes you happy. Don’t make the act of journaling itself be a chore that you have to do. Let your surroundings inspire you everyday. I know having a coffee by my side always inspires me.
      For your Eyes Only
      • It is important to keep your journal in a safe and secure spot. In order for you to actually let your true thoughts and emotions flow, you need a spot where you feel completely free from judgement. Remember: This is not a letter for others. It is only for you.


      Get started with an eco-friendly journal here.

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