Algae Yoga Mat
Bloom Yoga Mat (5mm)
Bloom Yoga Mat (5mm)
Bloom Yoga Mat (5mm)
Bloom Yoga Mat (5mm)
Algae Yoga Mat
Algae Yoga Mat

Bloom Yoga Mat (5mm)

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Go beyond shopping sustainable and start saving the planet with your new yoga mat. Each Algae Bloom yoga mat helps clean aquatic habitats by harvesting harmful algae blooms while returning fresh water and clean air to the environment.  

With 5mm of cushion, this yoga mat is lightweight and durable enough for any type of yoga while supporting your joints, back, and knees from unwanted strain. As an added bonus, this easy to clean mat has a deep blue color to center you and keep you energized throughout your yoga session. 



  • Environment cleaning algae and eco-friendly TPE foam
  • 5mm thick
  • 24 inches wide 
  • 72 inches long 
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for all types of yoga


What is an Algae Bloom?

Algae blooms are extremely detrimental to our environment and we have partnered with Bloom, a company based in the United States, to clean up algae blooms around the United States and use that to create yoga mats. In fact, every Algae Yoga Mat we create helps return clean water and air back to marine habitats around the United States.

The EcoStrength Difference


Eco-conscious materials are used to create sustainable products for your workout and the environment.


Each product is designed with high-quality, sustainable materials and is tested to last without wearing down or breaking.

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